What does it mean to be successful?

I have always wondered what it meant to be successful, does it mean to have lots of cars? or houses? or peace of mind? or happiness?

Until recently I thought none of this could make me happy the only thing that would make me feel happy and successful is lots of money and then I came across this video.

It made some really good points and got my mind churning thinking about all of the things that were causing me to think that I was not already successful and not happy in my life.

What really is success? Is it working hard an entire month so you can enjoy that companies vacation package a few days in a year or is it a necessity that we have to dug ourselves out of the hole that we have created and the problems and responsibilities that we have created for ourselves.

I would say a lot of our daily decisions such as what we do, where we eat , what we wear have all been decided by what we are influenced in media and what we throw ourselves at when we realize we can’t keep up with it.

There is a whole market that is created to keep us confused and wondering what has happened that we can’t seem to get ourselves out of. For example there are women smoking cigarsĀ and men smoking cigars, men with fancy watches and expensive suits that they can’t afford, college tuition and textbooks fees that have sky rocketed and never came back down again.

All of these things put us in a huge debt that we could never come out of and left us more distraught then ever. All the successful people that I see today and they say that you must follow your passions and that you must love what you do never really had crushing debts if you think about it.

All they had was a dream and almost no responsibilities, and those who did have some decided either to ditch them or they were so controlled that they could afford going after there passions.

Really think about it all those successful and happy people that we see today, go back and look at there history, no doubt they worked hard to achieve it but look at all the factors that contributed to there support.

I hope this helps clear things out a bit for everyone about what it means to be successful cause for me it would be when I won’t have to rely on my finances as much and no responsibilities regarding it whatsoever, such as debts and houses.