Selecting The Best Cigar Cutter and The Best Cigar Lighter


They say that you haven’t lived the luxurious life until you have smoked a cigar in a high end lounge wearing a suit. Now you might be thinking what is this got to do with the life and stuff but think about it, what is life without luxury?

What is the point of working hard daily and going through all the struggles of life without taking a second to enjoy it?

This is why one of my favorite luxury hobbies is smoking cigars especially when playing golf, I love coming home from work and sitting down to relax with my wife and just having a nice thick cigar in my mouth to flavor the evening.

Now if you are not familiar with how to smoke a cigar, don’t worry I will tell you about the two most important aspects of cigar enjoyment that is cutting and lighting.

Cutting a cigar

To cut a cigar you will need a cigar cutter, there are many available in the market and in different types and I will probably right soon about what each type is for but for now getting a basic v-cutter will do the job.

The v-cutter according to me is perfect for a newbie because there is very low risk of cutting the cap off and ruining the cigar when using a v-cutter.

This is because the v cutter doesn’t actually slice the end off but instead leaves a gap on top of the cap so air can pass through without causing any issues with the cap.

So if you are a beginner the best cigar cutter to start would be the v-cutter. You can get them as cheap as $12 to upwards of $150 depending on your budget and style.

By the way there is no difference in a $12 one and $150 one apart from brand, style and blades quality. So if you are looking for something to only use a couple of times just get the $12 one as it will do the job perfectly.

Lighting a cigar

A common mistake that new cigar smokers do is when lighting a cigar they will use any lighting material that is available in the house such as common matches, gas stove, normal lighters etc. Unfortunately this ruins the cigar and thus the experience.

To correctly light a cigar you will need a butane lighter which is a correct type of a cigar lighter.

Once again you can get them quite cheap and they are not that difficult to manage. Once you have a good cigar lighter all you have to do is keep your cigar from the flame of the lighter at about two finger gaps and let the end of the flame touch it and light it slowly.

While the cigar is being lit keep rotating it so it burns evenly from all the sides. This will ensure that cigar burns perfectly and provide adequate smoke and flavor.

These are the two basics steps you need to know about cigar smoking, there is obviously more to it but this is the basic gist of it.

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