Where is fashion lost in 2016?

It’s 2016 and like always fashion has had the most weird year ever. You might not think too much about it because us regular people usually wear simple clothes like shirt and jeans but if you dig deeper into the fashion world especially in women fashion world you will find that it has become weirder and weirder day by day.

It makes you wonder though why and how did this happen and how can it affect us. For now it doesn’t affect us because the way these clothes actually make money is when stupid rich kids buy them and use it for there daily wear.

Diaper Pants

Check Justin Bieber in this ridiculous outfit.

Justin bieber funny pants

Look at those pants, it looks like a diaper that found legs. As hideous and ridiculous it looks, since the first time he wore it the sales for so called pants have jumped higher then ever with young teens following there favorite pop star idol and buying them up left right and center.

This is just one of the many examples of things that have gone super wrong with today’s generation when somebody can feel comfortable roaming around in a diaper pant.

If you look at early pop stars you can say they looked ridiculous too and I won’t argue on that but you never saw the fans going crazy over them and buying crazy stuff because they think that is what it means to be cool.

Let’s look at another thing that came in for a different purpose and took over the fashion world.


The funny thing is almost everyone can agree that it was an ugly choice to wear and yet for a brief period you could walk down a block and see almost everyone wearing it.


Initially they were created to be used in spa centres because they provided good grip and breathing room for your feet to feel free and air in all that sauna but soon enough people loved it so much that they started wearing it in public and just like that within months it became a nationwide trend and crocs became the goto shoes replacement for everyone.

Just to be clear you can never replace shoes with anything, they serve a very important purpose. Specially not with this ugly things.

This was my rant for the fashion trends that have come and gone, I hope it was mildly as interesting as all the clothes that are available now.

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